Nursing Question Bank PDF Download – নার্সিং প্রশ্নব্যাংক পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড

Nursing Question Bank PDF Download – Matching last year’s questions of Nursing and Midwifery Admission Test. Nursing Question Bank PDF can be downloaded from our website.

Nursing Question Bank PDF Download

The Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council is a government regulatory body responsible for nursing services and education. This year (2022) the nursing exam ended on 20th May. As always, this time we have published the question bank pdf file download link of the last few years of nursing admission test through this post.

At a glance

Name of the organization: Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council
Admission test: 20 May 2022


Nursing Question Bank PDF Download – Nursing Question Bank PDF

For those of you who wish to take part in the Nursing Exam next year, these Nursing Question Bank PDF files have been published as it is very important to know the type of question before the exam. It is also observed that some important questions are repeated every few years.

Nursing Question Bank PDF Download with Solution

The book Nursing Exam Questions and Answers now costs more to buy and it is not always possible to carry such a large book. To solve all these problems, you can download the Nursing Question Bank PDF file of the last few years on your mobile and carry it anywhere you need as well as exchange it with your classmates very quickly.

Necessary information

Preparation for admission should be made at least 30 minutes before the time mentioned in the notice at the time of examination.

Nursing and Midwifery Admission Test Question Bank 2022

All year Nursing and Midwifery Admission Test Questions and Answers are provided in PDF format. Click on the specific button to download the nursing book and download the question of the year you need in PDF format.

Nursing Question Bank PDF Download

Download the complete Nursing Admission Question Bank PDF file from the link below.

PDF file link: Send us Message!
Nursing Exam 2009-2021 PDF Download Link
  1. 2009-2010: Download
  2. 2010-2011: Download
  3. 2011-2012: Download
  4. 2012-2013: Download
  5. 2013-2014: Download
  6. 2014-2015: Download
  7. 2015-2018: Download
  8. 2017-2018: Download
  9. 2017-2018: Download
  10. 2018-2019: Download
  11. 2019-2020: Download
  12. 2020-2021: Download
Distribution of Nursing Exam Numbers

The number distribution of questions for the candidates participating in the examination has been published in short form. Let’s take a look at the table below. A total of 100 MCQ questions must be answered. The total number of exams is 150. 100 marks in MCQ examination and the remaining 50 marks will be given after evaluating the marks obtained in SSC and HSC examinations.

Course Name

BSc in Nursing

  • Bangla: 20 Marks
  • English: 20 Marks
  • Mathematics: 10 Marks
  • Science: 30 Marks
  • General Science: X
  • General Knowledge: 20 Marks


Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery

  • Bangla: 20 Marks
  • English: 20 Marks
  • Mathematics: 10 Marks
  • Science: X
  • General Science: 25 Marks
  • General Knowledge: 25 Marks

Number distribution according to SSC and HSC examination results

Candidates participating in the exam will get maximum 50 marks if they get GPA 5 in both the exams. You can also easily determine your number by following the procedure given below.

  • GPA obtained in SSC exam x 4 = 20 (maximum)
  • GPA obtained in HSC exam x 6 = 20 (maximum)

We hope to provide you with all the information you need. If you encounter any problems while downloading the Nursing Exam Question Bank PDF file, don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

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