PSC Routine-Ibtedayi & PSC 2023 Routine

PSC Routine Ibtedayi Test Day 2023 Routine

PSC  2022 Program and Ebtedayi Initial Testing Program The PSC 2022 exam schedule and the Elementary Education Board Aptedai ​​exam program were released on Thursday, August 22, 2022. The PSC exam and the Ebtedayi  2022 exam program of the Primary Education Board will start on 17 November 2022. The Ebtedayee & PSC program is available to our committee. Education in 2022. Website:

The Primary School Certificate is the first publicly-announced test administered by the Bangladesh Board of Primary Education every year, and millions of activists participate in it after enrolling in primary school. Scholars wishing to download and complete the PSC Test Routine 2022 can view the details below. 

 PSC 2021 Program 

 PSC Primary Board of Education and Ebtedayee Test Routine 2022. Ibtedai ​​​​Test and PSC  2022 Program Primary Education Council have announced the moment of Wednesday, August 18, 2022. The 2022 PSC and Ebtedayee Exams Primary School Board will begin work on Sunday, November 16, 2022. PSC and ebtedayee board exams will continue through 2022.  November 24, 2022 (Sunday). 

 PSC 2022 Program PDF 

Rabindranath Roy, Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Primary Education, said: He also said that the 2022 PSC and ebtedayee exams will start at 11 am and run until 1:30 pm. 

PSC exam and ebtedayi 2022, Primary education board exam duration is 2 hours  30 minutes. Students with special needs will receive an additional 20 minutes on the PSC Routine 2021 and Ebtedayee Exam 2022, just like last year’s Council of Primary Education exams. This year’s exam fee is set in cash. 60, last year’s PSC and ebtedayee exam 2022 had the same exam fee.  Download the PSC  2022 exam program in PDF format 

The Elementary Education Certificate (EPE) and JPE (Elementary Education Certificate) tests for students in fifth grade will be held this year after the Cabinet rejected the proposal to repeal the EP. Recently, the elementary education cycle of the school district has been extended until the 8th grade, and the entire process is supervised by the Ministry of Elementary Education.  Join our group for Ibtedayi final and exam syllabus and offers. 

 Group link: 

 Exam Procedure PSC  2021 

 Join us to learn about final exam and ebtedayee exam procedures and offers. 


However, Monday’s regular cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina decided not to approve the proposal to abolish the PEC test and urged the proposal to be resubmitted, including “further evaluation”. Download PSC Exam Question Suggestions 

 Download PSC 2022 Exam Plan 

Primary Board Examination Procedure 2022. According to the update, the PSC exam administered by the Board of Education will be administered from 11 am to 1:30 pm, which means students will have two and a half hours to take the exam. The order of the Board of Primary Education exams for 2022 is as follows: 

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