Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition of Totthyo

As an internet-based Totthyo-তথ্য service provider we have some soft terms & conditions for our users. And each user must agree with these terms and conditions to get served by Totthyo  website.

Community Standard

Students comes here to ease their study journey by getting services from Totthyo. That’s why our community of user is highly standard than other internet user community. So, you have to keep your languages, activity above all your netizen character as high as our community standard, do not use slang or attacking words to other users, admin or someone else.

Media Standard

Don’t use to upload any personal image or any kind of media that you do not want to show others. And it is also prohibited to upload any image or any kind of media with sensitive information that violate our service standard.

Activity standard

Users need to act like a gentle netizen, and one should much aware about one’s internet activity, especially in this platform you can’t practicing politics, criminal activities or traitor activities anyway. If our admins notice such activities or evil intentions, The user will be banned forever without any prior notice.

All rights reserved

All rights are reserved to Totthyo administration team. If this is needed, they belong the rights to change its terms, conditions and rules without any prior notice to the user.


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