Result of successful candidates for the first round of HSC Merit list 2023

HSC  2022 pass results can be announced in 3 steps. The first merit list after the first application phase, the second merit list after the second application phase, and the third merit list after the third application phase are published. We will cover the release date of the results, the release date of the migration results, and other information. 

1st Round of Admissions List:

1st HSC 2023 Pass Results Announced 1st merit List may be made public on January 29, 2023, at 8:00 PM. However, considering the effect by year, it is expected that the effect will be activated before 8 PM. Students can be notified of the effect via SMS earlier than the scheduled date and time. Persons on the first merit list must verify eligibility between January 30 to February 6, 2023. Those who are no longer eligible must re-enroll within the stipulated time limit. People who no longer receive a place on the primary merit list may be on a ready list and may accept a place on the second merit list. Also, those who may no longer choose their college of choice on the first list of benefits and may be selected for admission to another College may be automatically transferred. The effects of the first migration can be placed next to the second list of Merit.

HSC 2023 Pass Results Announced 2nd Round of Admissions List:

The second round of successful applicants’ merit list: On February 10, 2022, the second round of admission results may be announced. At the same time, you can publish the final result of the second phase application result, and the final result of the first migration. People who no longer receive a place on the first merit list, and those who perform normally within the second section, may receive places on the second merit list.

A person who has been granted a place on the primary beneficiary list but has been reassigned without permission may also be protected from the secondary beneficiary list. Anyone who is placed on the secondary beneficiary list must verify the college within the stipulated time frame. If you do not appear again now, your nomination may be withdrawn. Recipients of place on the second merit list must be listed between February 11 and February 12, 2022. For those who are scoped to the second list of merit lists, you can publish the final results of the second migration along with the third list of merit.

3rd Round List of Successful Candidates:

The announcement of successful candidates for the 2022 HSC 2023 Pass Results Announced 3rd round may be on February 15, 2023.  The 3rd Merit List may be the last advantage list for Class XI Admission 2021-22 at any College. Section 3rd Final results and HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced Migration 2022 secondary results may be published at the same time. Persons who are no longer nominated to colleges in the primary and secondary beneficiary lists or who are no longer listed after receiving college nominations in the desired order, list of 3rds may be nominated for Also, those who completed step 3rd without the

Application in the first and second sections will also be protected from the 3rd benefit list. We cannot publish the final results of the migration for anyone who may be admitted to a college on the third merit list.

Successful applicants from Round 3 must confirm their selection between February 16-17, 2023.

Final Results:

HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced Class XI admissions final results will be announced on February 19, 2022, at 8:00 AM. After that, student recruitment begins. Applicants who pass the document verification will be extended until February 24.

HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced
HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced Announced migration result 2021-2022

successful applicants will be announced. Only those on the 2nd and 3rd participant lists will be notified of the migration results. However, the transfer result will not be disclosed to the third-placed person. The first results of the HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced migration will be published on February 10, 2022.

The second result of the migration will be published on February 15, 2022.

Who can perform the migration?

Let me explain a little bit. You may list a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 universities when applying online for Class XI admission. If a student is not selected for admission to one of the first universities of their choice, they will be considered for relocation if selected for admission to a lower-level college. In other words, if an applicant is selected in 5th place, there is a high probability of immigration from 4th to 1st in the order of highest priority.

If migration is not possible, the current default settings are kept. Migrating increases affinity. Under no circumstances will the migration be downgraded. Applicants must confirm their current choice to use immigration. Only those who have confirmed the selection will consider the benefits of migration. Candidates not confirmed by the deadline will be withdrawn and must reapply within the deadline. Updated Fact Sheet: The 1st XI Admissions Achievement List will be published on January 29, 2022. Applicants passing the first round must be reviewed between January 30th and February 8th.  How do I check myself?

HSC registration results?

How do I know my HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced admission results? You don’t have to worry about your XI admission results. Ministry of Education starts to announce 3rd list of meritorious people

Phase Primary Application Admission Result Confirmation Date
First Phase 8 January to 15 January 2022 29 January 2022 30 January to 6 February 2022
Second Phase 7 February to 8 February 2022 10 February 2022 11 February to 12 February 2022
Third Phase 13 February 2022 15 February 2022 16 February to 17 February 2022

via SMS.

You will receive the results soon. The Central Admissions Committee will send a message to the mobile phone numbest

used to submit the application. The results of all school councils are posted simultaneously.

results posted online at the same time. If you wish, you can get detailed information online, including year grade, and college name. HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced 2021-2022 reception result is processed in 3 steps.

The migration process automatically runs up to 2 times based on initial verification. Even after the initial confirmation of

a student may not choose a college more than once. Each step is sent automatically according to your preferences. Migration is always in order. Students will only be selected for colleges based on college preferences provided at the time of application, SSC/equivalent test results, capacity, etc.

HSC admission results are available online and via SMS. HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced HSC admission results are available online and via SMS.

SMS Results

Students will be notified of the results via SMS on the specified date. There are no college names to mention. The message only mentions EIIN

and the college’s security code. To find results by college name, you should check the

results online below. At the same time, a confidential security code is provided via SMS. This security code must be saved for final approval. The HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced 2022 Pass Results Announced 3rd Achievement List will be delivered to students via SMS

on February 15, 2022, at 8:00 PM, the 2nd Achievement List results will be posted on February 10 at 8:00 PM, and the 1st Achievement List results will be released on February 29th. will be posted on. 20:00 on January 2022. Students do not need to send SMS themselves.

XI  2022 Admissions Results

students can view detailed HSC admissions results on the admissions website. You will need to log in with your listing and registration number to view HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced admissions results for all colleges and universities in all school boards. Selected students must accredit the college within the stipulated time frame. Results are available in the Results section of this website. To check your score on this website, log in with your registration number. You will learn the names of the nominated universities and their honorary positions. There is no alternative website to view Class XI admissions results. Visit

SSC Login with Details

Confirmation Results

Confirmation of Choices

HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced 2022 Students are required to confirm their selections when admission results are released. Candidates nominated for a college must confirm their choice for admission to that college. This can be confirmed by paying the registration fee and other fees 200 taka. If the selection is not confirmed, the college to which you have been assigned will be canceled and you will need to reapply. There is no additional fee if your application for step 2 is not confirmed. However, those who did not apply for the first time must pay the application fee and apply online. From the list of

first achievements for HSC 2022 Pass Results Announced 2022 admissions results, students must confirm their selection by paying 200 taka from 30 January to 6 February. The 2nd pass confirmation date is from February 11 to 12, 2022, and the 3rd pass result announcement date is from February 16 to 17, 2022.

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