What is Nothing phone 1? The challenge of beating the iPhone is Here, Nothing phone 1 Review

With the challenge of beating the iPhone, a new phone has arrived on the market! The name is also surprising. Nothing phone 1. All the devices of the phone including the battery motherboard can be seen from outside. From the stunning-looking phone display to the camera, there is a touch of innovation everywhere. At the back is a special LED panel, called the ‘glyph interface’.

a new smartphone that has entered the market with the challenge of beating the iPhone. How do you even know the name is surprising? Nothing phone battery motherboard all parts of the phone can be seen from outside. From the good-looking phone display, the camera is everywhere as a touch of new innovation. And on the back of the phone, there is a special type of LED panel, which is named after the company of the phone, ‘glyph interface’

Carl Pei, the former co-founder of OnePlus, started his own company, Nothing, in 2020. The UK-based company has launched its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone 1.

Nothing Phone 1 Details

Apart from call notifications, this panel will also be useful for battery charging and taking pictures. Never-before-seen lighting with transparent back design. There are two 50-megapixel cameras on the back of the Nothing phone. The main camera has a Sony IMX 766 sensor. There is a secondary camera for taking wide-angle pictures.

Nothing phone 1

In addition, to call notification, this panel will also be useful for battery charging and taking pictures, which is brand new. No one has ever seen “such lighting in a smartphone before with a transparent back design. There are two 50-megapixel camera sensors on the back of the Nothing phone. The main camera has a Sony IMX 766 sensor. And there is a secondary camera to take wide-angle pictures. 120 Hz refresh rate and LED display are given in front of the phone. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is ready to protect it.

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The phone’s mid-range chipset may disappoint those who are into core gaming. The phone will run Android 12 based on the Nothing OS. And along with that, users will get the stock Android experience. Clean and simple interface, this phone has no bloat word.

The manufacturer of this phone has promised three years of operating system updates and four years of security updates. Like all other flagship smartphones in the market, there is an in-display fingerprint scanner. The phone will be powered by a battery of 4,500 amperes. And also it will take about 70 minutes to fully charge the phone. It’s a bummer that the phone doesn’t come with a charger. So the charger has to be bought as a separate unit. Nothing Phone 1 has come in two colors, white and black, in the Indian market, with a price of Rs 33,000 to Rs 39,000 depending on the model variant.

The Nothing Phone 1 has already gone on sale in Europe and the Middle East.

If you want to buy the phone from Bangladesh, customers will have to wait for a few more days. So this was a little information about the arrival of Nothing Phone One. Of course, after getting the Nothing Phone 1 and using it, I will come back with a full review on Totthyo. So till then definitely keep waiting and keep your eyes open.

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