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Assalamu Alaikum, How are you all? I hope that by the grace of God, Alhamdulillah, you are very well. In this post, I will discuss many Chrome Extensions that will make your work easier using them and you can use these 25 Best Google Chrome Extensions For 2022 in Google Chrome / Brave / Kiwi, etc (which have browsers like Chrome that support Chrome extensions).

To use Google Chrome Extensions, first go to your browser and type – Chrome Web Store

By visiting this link you will get numerous Chrome Extensions. But those that we will talk about today will definitely know about them and those who don’t know about them.

You can make your work more productive through Google Chrome Extension. Not only that, you can take your internet browser to the next level with its help. Users of Chrome Extensions are increasing day by day. Because these Chrome Extensions can help you in many ways. Especially when you are doing a lot of work in a hurry.

I think all of them are useful if you know how to use them properly. But some may know them and some may find them not so useful. Everyone’s thoughts and knowledge are different. So use whatever you want. My job is to inform you. If you make a mistake, you will look at it with a forgiving eye.

So without further ado let’s start today’s post.

The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions


EXTENSION LINK: Privacy Badger

This extension will free you from various Hidden Trackers, and Spying Adblock in Internet Browsing. Various websites collect your information and show you ads.

You can completely stop those trackers through this extension.



This is also an extension to Block Trackers, and Ads. But here there is a little different from the previous extension. Through this extension, you can block those ads that show directly on the website.


EXTENSION LINK: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Privacy Conscious people will definitely recognize this name. I have posted about this before. However, there seems to be no better option for those who want to hide completely in the world of the Internet.

For those who don’t know what DuckDuckGo is: DuckDuckGo is a search engine (like Google) where no data is collected about what you are searching for or watching.

I have also posted about how Google collects any of your information and details about how you can see them are also posted on my profile.

Anyway, you may not know that Google is doing business with your information all over the world. Those who are a little more worried about their information can use this extension/search engine.

They will not collect or sell any of your information to anyone. It is one of the most popular search engines after Google.

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Do you like Dark Mode very much? Can’t run without Dark Mode? But this extension will be the only solution for you.

Many can say that now all browsers have this dark mode feature. Yes, there is. However, the way this extension works is – if you install this extension and turn it on, you will get the dark mode version of that website no matter what website you visit.

Even if the website does not support dark mode, you can enable dark mode there.


EXTENSION LINK: Rabbit Hole for YouTube™

This extension is specially for those who watch YouTube videos on a computer or laptop. You must know about YouTube’s Algorithm, where if you watch a video, it will continue to suggest more videos related to the category, genre, etc. of that video.

Which will keep you on their (YouTube’s) website so that you waste your precious time on their website. As a result, many people go to YouTube to search for something important and never know when they have gone elsewhere and wasted their time.

This extension will prevent you from that. This extension will remove those Recommended Videos, Trending Videos, Comments, and many other things from the YouTube Page.

So you don’t waste your precious time reading them down the rabbit hole. One of the best extensions especially for those who are addicted to YouTube and it has a bad effect on their life.

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EXTENSION NAME: Picture in Picture Extension (By Google)

EXTENSION LINK: Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

YouTube has its own Picture In Picture Mode. Through this, you can watch the video while doing any work by bringing a small window of the video to the screen.

But what if you can use this feature on any website besides YouTube? Yes, you can do that very easily with this extension.



EXTENSION LINK: Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Do you like listening more than reading any website? But this extension is made for you, through this extension you can listen to the text of any website, it means you will read the text of any website and you don’t have to read it yourself.

It actually uses Speech To Text to read you the texts you want from the website.


EXTENSION NAME: Turn Off The Lights

EXTENSION LINK: Turn Off the Lights

This is also an extension of a job. This extension will be very useful for those who do video streaming online. Whenever you watch a video on a webpage through this extension, if you turn on the extension, the rest of the video, text, etc. will be automatically hidden on that webpage except for that video.

As a result, you can watch the video carefully and enjoy what you were watching without any distraction.




This extension is specially designed for PC users. By installing this extension, whenever you point your mouse at the Image, Video, and Thumbnail of a website, the Thumbnail, Image, etc. will be previewed.

By slowly using it you will realize that it is saving you a lot of time.


EXTENSION NAME: Stay Focused / BlockSite


Stay Focused – StayFocusd

BlockSite – BlockSite: Block Websites & Stay Focused

There are many who promise themselves before turning on the PC or entering the Internet that they will not waste time today. After a while, you find yourself on some websites like Facebook, and YouTube and the time continues to waste.

Many go online to research something or find study materials and do everything except study.

These two extensions are the way to get rid of these distractions. Through these two extensions, you can keep a certain website closed for some time (as long as you want). As a result, you cannot engage yourself in any useless work by going online.

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Do you use a bookmark manager? But the time has come to use it now. It is basically a system of bookmarking bookmarks.

Did you not understand? I explain Maybe you use multiple web browsers and they have different bookmarks? You can use this extension to keep them together in one place.

They also have an App on Google Playstore. Those who are afraid to backup their bookmarks and lose them can use this extension. As a result, you don’t have to worry about losing bookmarks even if your phone is lost or damaged. Don’t worry if the phone has to be restored for some reason. Your bookmarks will remain secure.


EXTENSION NAME: Noisli / Rofocus


Noisii – Noisli

Rofocus – Rofocus: Increase your Focus and Productivity

Whether you are a student or a busy person. Whatever it is, do you find it difficult to focus on studying or any other task due to a lot of noise or commotion around you?

Or do you live in a place where you want a little peace of mind? But these two extensions are for you. Here are so many beautiful melodious sounds that will bring peace to your mind.

If you don’t believe it, don’t try it once! I believe these two extensions will not disappoint you.



EXTENSION LINK: Grammarly: Grammar Checker and Writing App

This extension will help you who speak or practice English or write a message or email in English or write an article in English.

This extension mainly identifies or finds your grammatical errors through the use of its underlying technology and informs you about those grammatical errors.

Through this you can take your English writing to another level. who are special There are Students, Article Writers, this extension will surely help them.



EXTENSION LINK: Distill Web Monitor

This extension is especially useful for those who are students or researchers. There are many people who for admission or for any reason (whatever the reason) have to visit a website every now and then or regularly to get any new news.

This extension will save you that time. This extension will monitor the website itself and if something new is published on the website, it will inform you through Email, SMS, and Push Notification.



EXTENSION LINK: Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack

One of the features that made WhatsApp so popular was to show a tick mark when someone sees a message.

If you mail someone through Gmail, you can easily know whether the other person has read the email or not through this extension. A very useful extension especially for those who mail regularly.


EXTENSION NAME: The Great Suspender

EXTENSION LINK: The Great Suspender Original

Almost everyone knows that Chrome is a Ram Hungry software for PC. If you open many Tabs at the same time, your Ram will run to 12 o’clock.

So this extension will free you from that trouble. When you have multiple tabs open at once, some Tabs remain that you are not using or useful.

This extension will keep those Tabs Freeze and help you to give Lag-Free Smooth Experience. When you go back to that Tab again, once you click Reload, that Tab will continue as before.

A very useful and useful extension especially for PC users. Those who don’t know, install this extension on your computer and avoid consuming more ram.


EXTENSION NAME : Loom / Screenity


Loom – Loom – Free Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

Screenity – Screenity – Screen Recorder & Annotation Tool

Loom is a screen recorder through which you can record the screen on your Google Chrome and after recording, you can share the recorded video with one tap.

This is one of the best options to record screens in chrome. Also through screens, you can do many things with all the features of the loom including adding a face cam to screen recording, creating GIFs from screen recording, editing videos, annotate while recording the screen.



EXTENSION LINK: Smallpdf – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF

If you have to work with a lot of PDFs every day, then this googles chrome extension can be useful for you. Through this you can edit, convert, merge, split, compress, etc. pdf. The best part is that you can also convert this pdf to MS Office documents.


EXTENSION NAME: Clickbait Remover For YouTube

EXTENSION LINK: Clickbait Remover for Youtube

There are many of us who can’t stand clickbait. This extension is for them. Of course, this will benefit you more. How? I explain

Suppose you watch a tutorial video. There are many videos related to the title of that video on YouTube. How do you know which video will give you real information?

With this extension, you will see the original part of the video (you can customize it – you want to see the beginning, middle, or end) instead of the clickbait thumbnail in the title of YouTube.

This will not waste your valuable time. You can easily understand which is a clickbait video and which is a video with real information. A very good extension.

Best chrome extensions for work


EXTENSION LINK: Screen Shader | Smart Screen Tinting

How do I give an extension with dark mode and not with a blue light filter? Like the previous Dark Mode Extension, this extension also works in the same way.

If you are browsing the web for a long time and you want your eyes not to be damaged, you can use this extension.

As a result, Blue Light from your Computer/Laptop screen will not directly hit your eyes when you are Browsing (especially at night). As a result, your eyes will be protected at least a little.


EXTENSION NAME: Google Dictionary

EXTENSION LINK: Chrome Web Store

As the name suggests, it works. To find the definition or meaning of any word during browsing, go to the new Chrome tab and type or copy and paste the word to find its definition or meaning. will not be

By double clicking, you can easily know the definition, meaning, etc. of any word. Be sure to install this extension.


EXTENSION NAME: Return YouTube Dislike

EXTENSION LINK: Return YouTube Dislike

It is not unknown that YouTube has removed the number of Dislikes in the Dislike Option from their Official App.

Many people had a question about it. As a result, how do find out which is a good or effective video and which is a fake video?

This extension is for them. By enabling it you can see the number of dislikes of any youtube video on a PC. I think it will work for everyone.



EXTENSION LINK: Shazam: Identify songs from your browser

PC users like smartphones can easily find the original title, name, link, etc. of any song through Shazam with the help of this extension. I hope it will work for those who regularly use the Shazam app on mobile.




Are you one of those people who don’t know what hashtag to use when uploading a post on Facebook, or Twitter? But this extension is for you.

Through this extension, you will understand which hashtag you should use to reach your post to everyone. This extension will help you to make your post viral.



EXTENSION LINK: Bitly | Short links and QR Codes

This extension will definitely work for those who want to shorten their links. You can use this extension to bring very large links to a very small size. They also have their own website. You can also visit there and shorten the link.

So these were our 25 Google Chrome Extensions. By using them you can take your internet browser to the next level.

Among these extensions, some extensions will be more useful for your PC. Some extensions will work for mobile users. Some extensions will be useful for both users. All the extensions are very good.

If you are an Internet Browsing User, that means you do Browsing-related work every day, then I hope these extensions will work for you.

Finally, those who are not using Chrome Extensions should start using them now. Because these extensions will help you a lot.

I think it will be very useful, especially for those who are PC users. If you like the post, you can share it with your friends.

Ignore it if you don’t like it. And if you have any suggestions for the next post, you can give them. See you inshallah in the next post.


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