Why Is The Electricity Going Repeatedly? | Where does it end?

The government has decided on area-wise load shedding to avoid an economic crisis. Diesel based power plants are being shut down to prevent losses. The Electricity Going Repeatedly, Office banks are being considered to bring in a reduction, petrol pumps will be closed for 1 day in a week and shops will be closed after 8 pm.

Along with this, it has been ordered not to use AC in mosques.

Among these, a question in the mind of the public is how long will this pain of load shedding last? And why is the government forced to do load shedding? What is the reason behind this? To reduce costs, diesel-based power plants have been temporarily closed since the 19th, and the war that Russia started in Ukraine has started to affect the whole world.

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Although not involved in the war, the lion’s share of the world’s countries have started to have an adverse effect. Not only Bangladesh but countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, Australia are going through almost the same situation. Australia has been rationing for the past two weeks as there is a fuel crisis in the world market.

There has been an abnormal increase in the price of fuel oil in the international market. There is a problem with the supply. Therefore some tough decisions have been taken even under temporary suffering conditions. The Bangladesh government has requested everyone to come forward for the greater interest of the country and in this dire time of the world.

However, efforts are being made to reduce the suffering as much as possible. And for this reason, when load shedding happens in any area you will be informed quickly. Besides, a decision has been taken to close petrol pumps for one day in a week. Petrol pumps may be closed for two days a week in the port area.

There has been no load-shedding for four years as production capacity has been created according to the electricity demand in the country. But for the last two days, against the demand of 14,500 megawatts of electricity per day, there is a shortage of more than 1200 megawatts in supply. Electricity production has been reduced due to lack of gas.

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State Minister for Power and Energy Nazrul Hamid said that due to the Ukraine war, the price of gas in the world market has increased several times, LNG is not being bought from the international open market or the spot market.

And that’s why electricity production has been reduced, Gasvik power plants have more than 10,000 MW power generation capacity. Less than half of the power is now being generated in these plants.

Officials also say that because the price of fuel oil is too high in the world market. Petroleum Corporation has to pay a loss of more than 100 crore rupees a day. That’s why oil-fired power plants are not running at full capacity. Petro Bangla is supplying at least 250 million cubic meters of food LNG compared to our daily needs. On June 29, gas supply in the country was 3174 million cubic feet, of which the imported gas i.e. LNG was 844 million cubic feet.

Since then the supply of gas has been reduced little by little every day, earlier when there was a gas crisis, the production of petrol or coal powered power plants was increased. But this time it is not seen that the reason is said to be the increase in the price of fuel in the international market.

আসুন দেখে নেই কিভাবে ইউটিউব এবং ফেসবুক থেকে প্রতি মাসে 5,000 ডলার পর্যন্ত অর্থ উপার্জন করা যায়।

There is more or less load shedding all over the country causing disruption in production. It is being said by the government that this is forced load shedding, i.e. load shedding would not be required if the central production was increased. Still being done. Uninterrupted power supply was being provided in the capital itself for so long, it has also been withdrawn from there. Dhaka said that two electricity distribution companies. Altogether they have a shortfall of about 300 MW of electricity.

To meet the shortage, load shedding is being done in thirty minutes from area to area. According to the sources of Dhaka Power Distribution Company DPDC they have to load shedding 120 to 150 MW per day.

Dhaka Power Supply Company DISCO said their shortfall is 150 to 175 MW. They are trying to manage the situation by setting the load for half an hour in different areas. The situation of load shedding outside Dhaka is relatively bad, many areas do not have electricity for about four to five hours. The question in people’s minds is now when will we get rid of this pain of load shedding?

The Ministry of Power and Energy is not able to give any good news now. Expressing grief to the people, the Prime Minister and the Minister of State for Power and Energy requested them to be patient. In a Facebook post, Nazrul Hamin said that electricity generation is being disrupted due to shortage of gas, which is disrupting power supply in many places.

Once gas supply is normalised, power generation will return to normal.

High price and supply of fuel in the international market due to the impact of the war has put us in trouble like all other countries. I sincerely apologies for your military difficulties in this situation.


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