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How To Set WhatsApp Business Auto Reply on WhatsApp Currently, it is difficult to find a smartphone user who does not use WhatsApp. This messaging app is now very popular due to its privacy-focused and very simple. WhatsApp has great features like auto-reply. This means that when you are unavailable to reply, the auto-reply will be for a specific message on your behalf.

Note that this auto-reply feature from WhatsApp only works on the WhatsApp Business app in the official app. Ordinary WhatsApp users can download this app and enjoy the same benefits if they want. If you want, you can use the same feature using a third-party app on all WhatsApp accounts. In this post you will find details about both the rules for launching WhatsApp Business Auto Reply on WhatsApp.

Rules for WhatsApp Business Auto Reply

Currently, the official WhatsApp Business Auto Reply feature can be used in WhatsApp using only the WhatsApp Business app. This app is primarily intended for business use. With this app, users can customize their business profile, add their products and services to the catalog, and use features like auto-reply to customers’ messages.

WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business Auto Reply feature has two tools called ‘away message’ and ‘greeting message’. With Away message you can auto-reply to the message if you are temporarily out of business activities. A greeting message can be set in the case of the first message.

Let us know the details about the rules and other necessary settings for launching WhatsApp Business Auto Reply.

How to turn on WhatsApp Business Auto Reply

  1. Log in to WhatsApp and tap the three-dot on the top right
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. Select Business Tools
  4. Then enter the Away Messages option
  5. Send away message toggle on
  6. Set the auto-reply message by tapping the Away messages option
  7. Then select Schedule option and set the schedule of WhatsApp Business Auto Reply
  8. Set the last person to whom this message will be sent by tapping on the Recipients option
WhatsApp Business Auto Reply
WhatsApp Business Auto Reply

Message schedule

WhatsApp auto-reply message schedule has several options

  1. Always: If this option is selected, an auto-reply will be sent for any message
  2. Custom: If you select this option, it will be sent automatically at the specified time
  3. Outside of business hours: This message will be sent automatically except for
  4. business hours mentioned in the profile.


To whom the auto-reply message applies, it can be set through the Receipts option. The receipts options are:

  1. Everyone: Any sender’s message can be auto-replied
  2. People not in the address book: Numbers that are not saved on the phone will be replied
  3. Everyone except a few: Auto-reply to all numbers except the ones that will be selected
  4. All selected: Messages will be sent only to the numbers selected from the list
    Note that this response message will only be sent if you have an internet connection.

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WhatsApp Business Auto Reply via a third-party app

If you do not want to use the WhatsApp Business Auto Reply service through the WhatsApp Business app in the mentioned way, you can use the third-party app as an alternative. WhatsAuto – Reply App is an app that can be used to set auto-reply in WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp app is quite easy to use and has the opportunity to customize almost all the features without any hassle. To set auto reply through the WhatsApp app:

  1. Install the app and log in to the app
  2. Then turn on the Auto reply feature from the Home tab
  3. Now select Auto reply and customize the auto-reply message
  4. Here your Auto-Reply message as well as Reply Tags can be addressed directly to the recipient by mentioning the name. This will add a personal touch to the auto-reply message
  5. Confirm by tapping the tick mark in the right corner
  6. Then from the Contacts tab you will see a similar screen like Whatsapp Business where you can set who and when to get auto-reply.

This way you can easily turn on the auto-reply feature in any WhatsApp account using a third-party app. You can also enjoy the same benefits by using the WhatsApp Business App.

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