SEO Writing: 8 Best Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google First Page

Hello friends, I hope you are all well. Welcome to our site on my behalf. In today’s post I will talk to you about how to write an SEO friendly post. So let’s start the post without delay. To know how to write an SEO friendly Blog Posts, Here is the SEO Writing: 8 Best Tips on Writing Blog Posts That Rank on Google First Page. We first need to know what an SEO friendly post is.In fact, the full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). And you can understand what Friendly means. And SEO friendly means some things that can be easily optimized in search engines. And if you are a blogger or article writer, you should always make sure that your posts are SEO friendly. Below I am sharing with you some of the ways to write SEO friendly.

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Below are some of the ways that you can easily SEO Writing friendly articles.

1. Choose the correct keyword:

Write a blog post without any keywords, it means there is no current but you are checking why the lights are not on. Before writing a good and quality post, you need to think about what you are going to write about. For this, you need to do various keyword research. And once you get the keywords, writing a post for you will not matter.

2. Select the correct title:

Before you start writing a post, select the title of the post. And make sure that the title contains your chosen keyword.

3. Write a unique post:

You got the keyword of the post. But you didn’t write the post like yourself, you copied it from someone else’s website! But it is not right. Even if your post and site are all right, this can be a problem for you. The problem can go as far as AdSense So I would say, always write like yourself. Never copy. If the article is unique then it helps a lot to be SEO friendly.

SEO Writing
SEO Writing

4. Use headlines in the post:

When writing a post, it is important to use headlines. This means selecting different headings for paragraphs on different topics. Look, I’m using different headings to talk about each of the different topics. You should use such headings.

When using the heading, make sure that the h2 heading is used if there is at least one in the post. But try to use 2-3 h2 headings. And if you want you can use h1 heading once. But even if you do not use it, there is no problem. And give the keyword of the post in at least one heading.

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5. Use images / videos in posts:

If you use the image in the post while writing the post, then the post will look more beautiful However, the image must depend on the post. There are some posts that it is better not to use images / videos. Again, there are several types of posts that do not use the image of the post is absolutely bad. So in the post, use the image according to the post.

SEO Writing
SEO Writing

Another thing to keep in mind when using images / videos is that they should not be copied from other sites. You can edit it lightly. And when using images / videos, put your keywords in Alt Text and Caption. You can download copyright free video and image from this sites pixabay | pexels

6. Use the link in the post:

Always use at least one link and one outbound link on any page of your web site in the post. So now the question is why I will use the link of my site, it will make the post look bad.

Yes this is a very good question. As we write SEO friendly posts, we should keep an eye on how the posts are going. So for this you have to read more in the middle of the post with something like “Give a link to any post that is written on your site.

And in the outbound link you will give a link to any website related to the post. However, try to give less outbound links. If you give more, visitors can go to other sites.

7. Details must be written:

When writing an SEO friendly post, you must write the post in detail while keeping the quality and quality of the post. And try to write the post in at least 600 words. And how big you write is up to you. How big the post will be will depend on you The bigger the post the better for you. However, if the post can be written in 2500 words, it is beautiful and good. Visitors also get annoyed when they read bigger articles.

8. Use keywords in posts:

The keyword that you chose at the beginning of the post is the keyword that you have to use from time to time. Use keywords at least 10 times. Don’t use too much. Use a maximum of 20 times. The value of so many posts is just right.

So if you can keep these things right then I guarantee your post’s SEO score will be between 60-65 even if it is low. And if you can do better, it will be between 80 and 92. And if a post’s SEO score is above 70, it is much better.

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