5 Best ways to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

Do you want to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers? – Then today’s article is for you. You can save many of your Facebook IDs by reading and following this article. I hope you read the full article. If you like it, please comment and express your opinion. So let’s find out.

If you want to keep your Facebook ID safe from hackers, you must take some steps at your own risk. Currently, the number of hackers has also increased. They are accessing the ID in many ways. Then they are taking some simple steps so that you can no longer own the ID. Earlier, such ID could be brought back with the help of some Facebook friends. Now the Facebook authorities have stopped it. So now we have to ensure the security of Facebook ID.

Here are the steps you can Secure Facebook Account From Hackers:

  1. Gmail additions to Facebook IDs;
  2. Given a solid password;
  3. Introduce 2-step verification;
  4. Profile lock
  5. Email system on each login.

Here are 5 ways you can keep your Facebook ID 90% secure. And the remaining 10% is in the hands of the Facebook administrator. Because if they want, they can review your work and lock and delete your Facebook ID. This is most often the case when reported by others. The above 5 steps were discussed logically.

5 Best Ways to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

1. How to Add Gmail to Facebook ID:

Ans: Most of our people do not have Gmail added to their Facebook ID. As a result, hackers can easily take over. Adding a Gmail ID makes your ID 50% secure. So those of us who do not have Gmail in our ID, add Gmail. However, do not add any Gmail. Add Gmail that is turned on and logged in to your phone. And after adding, you must verify it.

Secure Facebook Account From Hackers
5 Best ways to Secure Facebook Account From Hackers

2. How to add complicated passwords:

Ans:  Most of us have a simple password on our Facebook ID. This habit should be avoided. However, passwords that are difficult to remember can not be given. Use punctuation inside the password. Below is an example of a standard password: My.n@me,is% MunNa


3. How to Turn on 2-step verification:

Ans: If hackers enter your account and 2-step verification is enabled on the ID, it takes a lot of time for hackers to access the ID. And during this time, you can protect your Facebook ID by taking other steps, including changing your Facebook ID password and logging out of all other devices.

4. How to lock your profile on Facebook

Ans: There are many benefits to locking profiles. Hackers get a lot of important information from your profile. As a result of locking the profile, no one else gets that information anymore. As a result, the ID cannot be accessed. You can hide some of your information as Only Me without locking your profile so that no one but you can see the information. The information that you will hide is your mobile number, birthday, email, etc.


5. How to do an Email system for each login:

Ans:  If you try to log in with your ID in this way, the email will be sent to your Gmail account. This is a great way to protect your ID.

These were the ones on my side today. Thanks, everyone.

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