Let’s See How To Make Money From YouTube And Facebook Up to 5,000$ Per Month

Let’s See How To Make Money From YouTube And Facebook Up to 5,000$ Per Month. As the popularity of social media like YouTube and Facebook grows in Bangladesh, for many it is becoming a medium for money. Many content creators are making millions of dollars a month from YouTube and Facebook, many young people have created contacts for these platforms in a professional way.

Their videos and countless people are watching and sharing but what can be done from YouTube and Facebook? If you want to know such a question, read the whole post.

To make money from YouTube and Facebook, you first need to create a channel for YouTube.

You can create a channel by logging in to YouTube using Gmail, you need to create your own page on Facebook. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to do this where your content will be displayed.

If you upload a video to YouTube or Facebook, the money will not come from there, so you have to monetize your account. It is to be listed for money from YouTube or Facebook, but you cannot monetize if you want.

In the case of YouTube, you need to participate in the YouTube Partner Program

  1. The channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  2. Must have a record of at least 4000 hours of watching videos from the last 12 months of the channel.
  3. You must have a Google AdSense account linked to your YouTube channel.

Once these conditions are met, you will start receiving ads from YouTube after you apply. You can Make Money From YouTube.

Make Money From YouTube

If you want to get monetization, you have to upload several videos on your Facebook page in advance.

There is also a way to check if your page is suitable for monetizing.

You can see if it can actually be monetized by clicking on the Monetization tab from Page’s Creator Studio options.

In order to monetize the page, you must follow the rules and regulations of Facebook. These rules include:

  1. All videos must be at least three minutes long.
  2. And the video must have a record of watching for at least one minute.
  3. Videos that are in the last 60 days or 2 months must have a combined 6 million minutes of views.
  4. A Facebook page must have at least 10,000 followers.
  5. The country and language concerned must be acceptable for Facebook.

However, Bangladesh and Bangla language support Facebook.

The page may not contain images or videos or content that violate Facebook’s policies.

In particular, the content should be such that everyone can see that if these are done, your Facebook page will be suitable for ad breaks. After that you can “Make Money From Facebook

Then if you apply by attaching an income tax identification number or TIN, the artificial intelligence of Facebook will check and sort your content.

In particular, it will be seen that these are original or copied or duplicated from somewhere, if all is well, Facebook will open monetization, you will get ads and you can put it in the place of your choice.

There are many pages on Facebook with millions of likes, but they have not been monetized, and some pages have been monetized with maybe 30,000 likes.

It really depends on how well they are able to meet the requirements of Facebook. If published from the profile, the video will not be considered for monetization.

In case of non-receipt of advertisements, the channel or page has nothing to do with itself, the type of content, the tendency to watch it, the country, etc., will be judged by YouTube or Facebook automatically.

Companies give their ads to YouTube. YouTube again provides advertisements in the relevant videos considering the potential market of all those products. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers the channel has if they don’t watch the channel regularly.

Make Money From Facebook

Because depending on the revenue of the channel, the more views of the channel on the ad, the more ads the channel will start getting from YouTube. And the income will increase accordingly. According to the rules of YouTube, the amount of money that comes from a video of less than 6 minutes is almost twice as much as that of a big video of 6 minutes.

Big three-minute videos also make more money on Facebook. One-minute videos are advertised but cost less, one e video can be shared on Facebook and YouTube at the same time, usually all youtubers do it. Advertising increases or decreases depending on how long people are watching there.

You can advertise or boost your page on Facebook. You can increase your likes or popularity by sharing in different groups. In this way, the more people watch the video, the more your income will increase. If you want to get more ads, the number of followers must be at least 10 thousand. So in order to increase the followers, people have to pay more attention to the content they like more.


When creating a video, put fun moments or content that will attract people at the beginning. Videos should be clear, sound should be heard well and editing should be good. In addition, the title should be correct to use different types of words. You need to publish videos or content regularly. Try to reply regularly to the comments that come on the page.

This will increase the English ment. You can also get the idea of ​​making new videos from the comments of the viewers. Share the video on all your social media. Try to make sure your page is easily found. Try to publish your own content videos as much as possible, stop sharing non-standard videos.

YouTube is called Payout to withdraw money from Facebook, you have to give bank account information while launching Facebook monetization. After a certain number of views, money is automatically credited to that account every month, which can also be withdrawn through PayPal. But in the case of YouTube, you have to wait until at least 100. If it is more than 100, it can be transferred to your own bank using Google AdSense.


No matter what medium YouTube or Facebook create content for, they must abide by the rules of copyright. Because if there is a question about copyright, the whole channel may be cancelled. Bangladesh still does not have specific policies or rules for creating content on YouTube or Facebook, but any illegal activity could fall under the Digital Security Act.

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